The Elizabeth Ann Coalition against Domestic Abuse (EACADA) stands, as a collective, poised to bring about an end to battering and abuse in intimate relationships. National in scope, EACADA aims to diminish, and ultimately to eradicate domestic violence, in order to develop and sustain physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness.

In honor of countless lives cut drastically short, EACADA serves as a proactive, community-based foundation which contests violence in its myriad forms. From degrading personal insults, to habitual assault, even death, incidents of injury and harm within the context of personal relationships—marital or otherwise—have reached epidemic proportions. EACADA spotlights the value of instituting preventative measures, particularly among today’s youth, as a means of disrupting dangerous behavioral patterns; inaugurating new definitions and expansive ways of thinking about love and pain, power and wholeness; and effecting broad-based political and social change.

EACADA advances a mission committed to education and awareness, to outreach and community-building. Accordingly, EACADA collaborates with local and national partners for the purposes of fundraising and cultivating coalition. Shelters and safe-houses, with the capacity to assist diverse populations—groups reflecting some shared experiences, yet frequently separated by differences of age, race, language, and ability—constitute a prominent organizational priority and epitomize EACADA’s ethos of wide-ranging advocacy. Workshops and seminars on self-esteem and opportunities for economic empowerment likewise facilitate a forging of lasting mentoring relationships with families and domestic violence survivors in order to carve out a space for a better, safer future.
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