On May 2, 1980, a young woman and her mother had their lives cut drastically short due to domestic violence. Carol Elizabeth Ann Oglesby and Elizabeth Ann Oglesby were murdered by Carol's estranged ex-husband, who had mentally and physically abused her for seven years previous. Carol had finally gotten the courage to take a stand and end the unhealthy marriage, when her ex-husband shot and killed both her and mother (who was attempting to protect her daughter) in their home, shortly before turning the gun on himself.

Carol Elizabeth Ann Oglesby and Elizabeth Ann Oglesby were my grandmother and great-grandmother. It is because of domestic violence that our loved ones were so unfairly taken from us and it is because of domestic violence that EACADA was founded. I will never have the opportunity to meet my grandmother nor my great grandmother due to this selfish act of violence, but I do have the opportunity to make sure that their deaths were not in vain.

The Elizabeth Ann Coalition Against Domestic Abuse was created in loving memory of these two strong, beautiful women. I have made the commitment to take a stand against domestic violence just like my grandmother and great grandmother did. EACADA will be working 365 days a year to make sure no one else has to suffer through the kind of tragedy my family has. Please join us in the EACADA movement.

Telanea Elizabeth Ann Forbes
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