national RESOURCES

If you need immediate assistance, dial 911.

Victim Resources

Animal Abuse

  • National Link Coalition 856-627-5118 is a coalition of professionals who see animal abuse as "the tip of the iceberg" and often the first sign of other family and community violence. They call this interconnectedness of different forms of violence The Link.

Dating Violence

  • The National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline 866-331-9474 and TTY 866-331-8453 - A 24-hour resource that uses telephone and web-based interactive technology to reach teens and young adults who experience dating abuse. The website also offers peer-to-peer online chat.
  • Break the Cycle Break the Cycle is a leading non-profit that works with youth, educators, service providers, and lawmakers to prevent and end dating violence. This national organization develops and operates programs designed to ensure that no young person is excluded from receiving the help, tools and information they need to live free from violence.

Elder Abuse


Persons With Disabilities

Rural Issues

  • Rural Health Information Hub A topic guide from the Rural Health Information Hub with frequently asked questions and resources related to violence and abuse in rural America.

Transgender Survivors

  • FORGE is an organization that provides peer support to the transgender community, as well as significant others, friends, family and allies. (414) 559-2123
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